Monday, 3 March 2008

3rd UK Storm Gathering Sea Kayak Symposium - Logo

The logo has landed and it was worth the wait. The 3rd UK Storm Gathering has a unique and identifiable emblem which I think reflects both the nature of the event and the heritage of Wales where the symposium is being held. A tremendous thanks goes to Aled Williams of Tiderace Kayaks who has once again applied his superb design skills to the task.

As instigator of the 1st UK Storm Gathering I hope these events will continue over time, roving from one paddle destination to another, each with its own special theme (and logo). There is a wish also that such gatherings will encourage others to bring about their own paddling festivals, whatever the time of year, as its great fun being around like minded people sharing in the wealth of experience that comes together on such occasions.

For now though, 2008 will be on Anglesey, 2009 will be in that just begs the question, where to go in 2010?

Monday, 4 February 2008

3rd UK Storm Gathering Sea Kayak Symposium - News

Photo: Rob Lloyd

Building on the success the 1st event on Mull and the 2nd on Lewis, I'm putting the wheels in motion for the 3rd UK Storm Gathering which will be held in Wales over an extended weekend of 25 - 27th October 2008

Photo: Clark Fenton

This year's festival will be based at Anglesey Outdoors, which has been host to the Anglesey Symposium for the last 25 years, making it a logical venue choice. As a consequence workshops and journeys will be able to launch from the surrounding bays and harbours with ease

Photo: Richard Jane

The aim of this symposium is to bring together like minded paddlers of all abilities with similar passions and provide a practical programme with an emphasis on preparing people for challenging conditions, commitment and open crossings

Photo: Nick Cunliffe

Water clinics will be based around the following themes: navigation, boat handling, boat repair, leadership and incident management, paddling skills and journey planning. When demand has reach appropriate numbers BCU coach courses and star awards, as well as guided trips, are planned to run from October 28th to the 31st. There will also be a number of evening lectures and various manufacturers on hand to discuss their products

Photo: Paul Williams

Updates, downloads and general information will be available from my forum page